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10 Things I Learned by the Age of 26

Life Lessons Worth Reading and Implementing

I turned 26 last month so I decided to share some lessons that I learned so far. All of the points I experienced on my skin, unfortunately on a hard way! However, I am wiser now just like every one of us with each new year that approaches!

The idea of this brief article is to inspire each other, and if you think there’s a point that needs to be added; something that life has thought you — feel free to write it in the comments section below and share it with all of us! It can be a quote or just a thought of yours…


To fully love another person, you shall love yourself first. Love you receive is equal to the love you give.


Time goes by faster than you think. Use it wisely. Learn to cut people who constantly take advantage of your time and surround yourself with those people who appreciate it. If someone keeps saying he has no time to do something for you, take that as the biggest lie ever. The truth is, you are not a priority to that person and therefore he/she/it doesn’t want to make time for you. We all have time. The point is how we organize it and what do we do with it.


Forgive to every single person even if they hurt you badly, and most importantly- forgive yourself! That’s the biggest gift that you can give yourself- inner peace and a clean soul.


Learn to be calm & to breathe deeply but slowly. It can make a great impact on your well being & save you from stressful situations.


Even if it’s bad — smile. Your neurons like that act and they will send many positive impulses all around your body. Let them do the work if you can’t.


Every day, in everything.


You are your own best friend and an enemy. All the others have to prove themselves with actions.


It exists. If you can’t correct it, walk away. Being close to evil can only turn you into an evil person.


If you still have them, remember to remind them daily how you love them. Hug them and kiss them. You will miss that the most.


Knowledge is food for the brain. Never, ever stop learning.

Storyteller | Dreamer | Writing about life, people, society, positivity, culture... | “One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” J.K

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