-> 10 Amazing Things To Do In Sensational Crete Island ⠀

Do you ever get that feeling, when looking at something unfamiliar, starts to feel so familiar like you’ve seen it before?⠀

For example, I was having that feeling a lot while meeting certain persons, tasting & smelling particular food or going to some new places.⠀

In fact, I had that feeling all the time on one island — CRETE ISLAND!⠀
Perhaps I felt such awe because Crete is wild as much as I am, perhaps the island had all that I wanted and needed at that point and all my emotions suddenly unleashed and crashed into something that it seemed to be DÉJÀ VU? ⠀

Our brains are incredible, being able to quickly scan our memory patterns when stimulated. 🧠⠀

But, what is VU DÉ JÀ then?⠀

Well, as it’s written — it’s totally an opposite thing!⠀
VU DÉ JÀ is a feeling of seeing something familiar as if it were the first time.⠀
Basically, you look at everything from a different perspective, which allows your creativity to shine! ✨⠀

Here’s the tip: Imagine you’re someone else and do what you normally do. ⠀
Once you “jump out of your body”, you’ll be able to see the same situation from a totally different angle. Try practising it for a while. This is what I often do especially while writing and before my sleep.⠀

And while you practice, jump to my LINK IN BIO section and read my new blog post about Crete, imagine you are me for a moment and enjoy in one of the most beautiful islands in Greece just like I did!🤙😊⠀


A man in a grey hoodie looking from his window in the distance on New York city in America
A man in a grey hoodie looking from his window in the distance on New York city in America
Unsplash @trebron

Life Lessons Worth Reading and Implementing

I turned 26 last month so I decided to share some lessons that I learned so far. All of the points I experienced on my skin, unfortunately on a hard way! However, I am wiser now just like every one of us with each new year that approaches!

The idea of this brief article is to inspire each other, and if you think there’s a point that needs to be added; something that life has thought you — feel free to write it in the comments section below and share it with all of…

a girl lighting up a cigarette with a lighter
a girl lighting up a cigarette with a lighter
Unsplash @Fotografierende

A Brief Guide to Self-Awareness

This post consists of true-life events. The main focus is on tobacco addiction and how it affects our lives as well as the lives of those that are around us.

Yesterday while I was listening to a singer called Camarón de la Isla, known as the Roma God of Flamenco, one of the best Spanish singers, I remembered my tobacco past. Sadly, I used to smoke for almost 10 years. A nasty decade that rewarded me with yellow teeth, weaker lungs, and a thinner wallet.

Flamenco, a type of music that touches the soul, spreads…

What Raving Teaches Us About Life

I haven’t heard this masterpiece for a while…

One of the many songs that touch my soul.

I don’t know why, but this song takes me so high, to some other dimensions especially if I play it loud.

Perhaps, the reason is that I’ve heard this song for the first time in the theater venue in Amsterdam with more than 1200 people around me.

It was one of those moments, when — you know — everyone grabs its head and looks up surrendering with everything that exists around at that moment.

Your eyes start…

Happy birthday cake with candles
Happy birthday cake with candles
Unsplash Stephanie McCabe

Times are changing.

Back then, we would wait that someone remembers our birthday and congratulates us. Now, we announce on social media that is our birthday so everyone can be notified and wish us all the best. How silly.⠀
You know what else is silly? Asking how old is someone. Not for the sake of the question, but for that “OLD” word.⠀
Well folks, today, I am not 26 years old. Today, I am 26 years YOUNG!⠀

Yin Yang or Taijitsu presented with a cup of cofee and milk
Yin Yang or Taijitsu presented with a cup of cofee and milk
Taken from Unsplash @worthyofelegance

What do you believe in?

I am not a follower of any religion, belief, or anything similar nor I want to present the concept of Taijitu as something that is 100% true.

However, I always seek the good in everything, even when it does not seem to exist. That is my life policy and that is why I decided to write about Taijitu, an ancient, simple symbol that explains bigger meaning far more than we probably realize. The fact is, there are moments when we feel so uplifted thinking we are about to fly. …

Investing in traveling means investing in education.

A colorfully painted man sitting in Nepal
A colorfully painted man sitting in Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal by @awsome

We all like to travel.

Whether it is a real journey that precedes all the preparations and packing of our suitcase/backpack or just fantasizing about traveling without the same detailed packaging - you have to admit — every trip is a form of pastime and the hedonism that absolutely every one of us aspires to.

The truth is, we travel for multiple reasons and they are quite subjective but we can all agree that every trip represents one more highlight of our year. We even do all our jobs and commitments with greater desire and ultra-productiveness when we have a vacation in mind that starts…

The ultimate guide on how to start following your dreams!

The story goes like this:

I was just an ordinary girl with a pocket full of dreams.

By the time I was 24, I’ve changed around thirty jobs, always unsatisfied either with salary or bosses, conditions, my surroundings. I was simply deeply unhappy with my occupations that were occupying my days and besides, leaving me tired and mad at the whole world right before my time to sleep. It was obvious, I desperately needed a change.


At first, I was just daydreaming at my work. I was still doing my job perfectly, but I wasn’t present there at all. Quite…

Humans tend to label everything.

Well, to begin with, labeling or naming, seems to give a feeling of understanding.
However, many people wrongly interpret what they think they understand.
For example, a few months ago I ordered a pizza. Although I do not eat meat for over a year, I refuse to be called a vegetarian as I still eat sea food. Instead, I prefer to say I am a wannabe plant based person that tries to eat healthy. For this reason, I noted in my shrimp pizza order: “Please, do not put meat or eggs.”

Despite the fact I added the note, I received…

Just a girl called Valentina that hates Valentine’s Day.

My name is Valentina. I got this name from my dad and sister because they wanted someone in the family to have a special name day in addition to the birthday.
Yet, they did not put into a consideration how they would mark every man who would love me with thick pressing.

"Apart from Valentine’s Day, she is called Valentina. You must never forget that day".

However, I never loved Valentine’s Day. I was once dumped on Valentine’s Day by a guy I used to love as a little girl, and…

Valentina Vucicic

Storyteller | Dreamer | Writing about life, people, society, positivity, culture... | “One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” J.K

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