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How I Stopped Smoking Tobacco?

A Brief Guide to Self-Awareness

This post consists of true-life events. The main focus is on tobacco addiction and how it affects our lives as well as the lives of those that are around us.

Yesterday while I was listening to a singer called Camarón de la Isla, known as the Roma God of Flamenco, one of the best Spanish singers, I remembered my tobacco past. Sadly, I used to smoke for almost 10 years. A nasty decade that rewarded me with yellow teeth, weaker lungs, and a thinner wallet.

Flamenco, a type of music that touches the soul, spreads through the veins, and sharpens the hair all over the body. Unfortunately, Flamenco God died at the age of 41 from lung cancer. Unsurprisingly, he was known for its additions towards drugs and he also smoked a lot of cigarettes, a deadly combination that cost him his life.

Now imagine what a man could have done if he had lived longer. Instead, he lived not even half of the expected life of an average Spaniard.

I started smoking in high school because everyone around me started smoking so one day I had enough and I decided to join the “cool” club. It took me nearly ten years to realize my addiction is nonsense and I should finally get rid of it. For the last two years, I was working like a maniac to ditch this bad habit. Finally, I managed to stay “clean” for more than a year. However, I have to admit that I lit a cigarette again a few months ago because I had a difficult mental situation, one of those that we all have from time to time, only this time I failed to box against it and I rather surrender like a coward.

I looked at that cigarette for a long time, smelled it, left it and I kept coming back to it. That day, a thought kept popping up in my mind and the more I thought about that cigarette, the more it haunted me. However, after long hesitation, I went out into the garden so no one could see me, lit it, and inhaled two puffs of smoke.

I threw that cigarette on the floor and persistently and manically trampled and kneaded it as if I will erase the previous few seconds. Since then, I haven’t smoked anymore, nor do I plan to. I promised myself I would be stronger. My lungs are still clearing from all the unnecessary smoke and will be clearing for years. Speaking of cleaner lungs, Nature research, the world’s biggest science journal, carried out some impressive results from the last year. People who quit smoking brought about 40% of their cells look just like those cells from people who had never smoked before! Now, that is what I call a hope!

Reportedly, not all smokers die from lung cancer, and apparently some people die from lung cancer who have never smelled cigarettes during their lives (at least not as active smokers).

In either case, I am going to die anyway, same as everyone else, and it is probably going to be some kind of cancer or any other disease anyhow. If I have the luck, I will die when with a blink of an eye in my eighties, healthy and happy, just like my grandmother did.

Instead, the reason why I stopped smoking cigarettes is the knowledge that I am completely consciously pushing away my health with every new cigarette I lit and coming closer to diseases or some deficiencies that long-term smoking causes.

The reason I stopped smoking cigarettes is my dad and my loved ones. All those people who would cry if I am not here anymore and who would be in pain. Because the truth is…when you die, it doesn’t hurt you anymore. It hurts the ones you leave behind.

The reason I stopped smoking cigarettes was my wallet, which was constantly in pain. I realized that it is smarter to give that same money to someone preferably to a homeless person because such an act does good to myself and others, while the money spent on cigarettes does not do good to anyone — except the state.

The reason I stopped smoking cigarettes is the awareness of myself and everyone around me. Why be a consumer? Anyone can be that — be something else. Be greater than consumerism. Consumers are the biggest problem in society. I decided to be part of the solution, not the problem.

The reason I quit smoking cigarettes is all that love I started to feel for life and myself. The moment I overcame my animal instinct and greed for unparalleled enjoyment, I realized that I had finally begun to truly live.

Stop smoking. It will be the best decision of your life — I swear to you, with my life.

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