Just a girl called Valentina that hates Valentine’s Day.

My name is Valentina. I got this name from my dad and sister because they wanted someone in the family to have a special name day in addition to the birthday.
Yet, they did not put into a consideration how they would mark every man who would love me with thick pressing.

"Apart from Valentine’s Day, she is called Valentina. You must never forget that day".

However, I never loved Valentine’s Day. I was once dumped on Valentine’s Day by a guy I used to love as a little girl, and I received quite late the first rose as a gift. So, almost every year, I bought myself roses because, my name is Valentina and even I, had the pressure around my own name. Believe it or not, my mom used to buy me a gift every year, even though I never liked that.

But mom is a mom. Moms perform all the roles in this world.

In the meantime, I grew up. We grow up totally around the moment we finally dive into the charms and bitterness of capitalism on our own. Plus, you can say you are grown up when you start buying toilet paper on your own. You can not longer buy yourself those gorgeous roses, because you pay your own utilities, so you prefer to treat yourself on much affordable waty, with a bath for example. Not only it is cheaper, but you are already paying the water anyway.

Prices, on the other hand, jump double for Valentine’s Day. Nevertheless, my name is Valentina, so, without any shame, I try to get everything cheaper or even free and I keep taking out my ID to prove my name. I am kidding, I still prefer a good bath over material things, but it is no lie that free things are special passion of mine.

Once upon a time I did not like my name at all. But once upon a time, I did not like or loved myself at all.

That the first woman in space was called Valentina Tereshkova, I have learned about since I know for myself.

Namely, it was my first learned information and unbelievable, but I remember at least three elderly people persistently telling me this information. I remember that time well, I was still so small and bald.
When I was a little bit older, I was telling that information to everyone.

I finally fell in love with my name and I even defended my name. My name is not Italian, it is not Romanian, it is not Spanish, and it is not Russian. My name is Latin. The Romans, on the other hand, knew how to enjoy. Every day.

That is why I do not like Valentine’s Day.
Simply beacuse, Valentine’s Day is same as Christmas. The day when everything ignites for only one day, and all the other days the flames subside. Is that the way to love? If you ask me — definitely not.

So love each other every day, and respect each other, not just on "big days" or holidays.

Hug, kiss, love and show affection.

Each and every day.

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