Why is travel the best form of cultural uplifting?

Investing in traveling means investing in education.

A colorfully painted man sitting in Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal by @awsome

We all like to travel.

The truth is, we travel for multiple reasons and they are quite subjective but we can all agree that every trip represents one more highlight of our year. We even do all our jobs and commitments with greater desire and ultra-productiveness when we have a vacation in mind that starts in, let’s say, three weeks. We often count down and cross the dates, and the closer we are to our vacation, the more we behave like animals from a zoo.

And while many prefer to travel on a lazy way; just laying down on the beach, eating, drinking and possibly experiencing a massage on some exotic place, others like to dive into the magic of the jungle of that same place and climb to the highest top of a nearby mountain; stroll around every corner of the capital city and to dive into every hidden gem.

In whichever group you are into, it’s not important at all.
The only thing that is important is the fact that:

every form of travel brings — personal growth.

A small Indian girl all covered in paint
A small Indian girl all covered in paint

With each new journey, even to the neighboring village, and especially to the other side of the world, you are maturing. You are expanding your horizons and opening up spaces inside your brain to some new perspectives. You get familiar with feelings that once, you didn’t even know they existed. Your mind gets boosted with loads of inspiration and your body, and soul get charge with life batteries remaining grateful for weeks afterward.

People say that by learning every new language, you learn a new culture. In addition to absorbing and soaking the diversification of new areas, you also bring and contribute by transferring the culture of your area. Something unique happens at the destination you are visiting:

Pure and friendly cultural exchange between two strangers who didn’t even know they were actually friends.

a group of people in the shadow of the sunset captured in Indonesia
a group of people in the shadow of the sunset captured in Indonesia

A special friendship is just another fortune you get after every trip. If you have not met not a single person on each of your travels, trust me — you really made a mistake somewhere along the way.

Although it is true that the corona pandemic has disrupted the whole world, especially the tourism industry, but what remains is the last hope of domestic tourism. Although each of us loves to seek some remote and exotic countries while forgetting what his own homeland has to offer, our homelands are still waiting to be explored.

Just to give you an example: my homeland Croatia has more than a thousand and two hundred islands hoping for some new explorers and travelers.
Maybe you missed the most important part, so I’ll say it again:

a thousand and two hundred islands!

What Spain has to offer? What is so special about Spain? What makes my city interesting?
So, let me ask you. What makes your country special? What can still be explored in your surroundings? There must be something…

Some corners, where you can take a sneak-peek into…

So, what are you waiting for? Take a domestic trip on the first free day and explore your surroundings!

We do not need to cross oceans and seas to find beauty!
Perhaps, beauty is just around the corner — but we are blind or just lazy to see it…

Biograd na Moru u Hrvatskoj slikano iz zraka sa dronom
Biograd na Moru u Hrvatskoj slikano iz zraka sa dronom
Biograd na Moru, Croatia @vorobenisop

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