Why Was I Always in Love With Raves?

What Raving Teaches Us About Life

I haven’t heard this masterpiece for a while…

One of the many songs that touch my soul.

I don’t know why, but this song takes me so high, to some other dimensions especially if I play it loud.

Perhaps, the reason is that I’ve heard this song for the first time in the theater venue in Amsterdam with more than 1200 people around me.

It was one of those moments, when — you know — everyone grabs its head and looks up surrendering with everything that exists around at that moment.

Your eyes start to shine, you get goosebumps, your heart starts jumping and your blood somehow becomes warmer, filling you entirely in every tiny, single part of your body.

New and unknown song but so good, so loud and matching exactly with everything that needed to be cleared by that time.

You look around and you don’t see people’s faces anymore, only satisfaction painted on them and altered states of mind.

Without any substances, just with the help of musical notes.

That’s why I always loved electronic music and raves.

Milliseconds, to be precise.

Imagine that your heart beats at the very same moment as the heart of the other 1000 people in the room.

How powerful is that?

- Grande!

The music is the only honest tool that connects people on deeper levels.

Only with high-frequency music, we remember that we are actually one.

One love.

One life.

Green lights and crowds of techno party aka rave
Green lights and crowds of techno party aka rave
Unsplash @antoniejulien

Storyteller | Dreamer | Writing about life, people, society, positivity, culture... | “One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” J.K

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